Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a washer and dryer, why do I need Campus Suds Services?
Do you want to have a life again? Washing at home takes a lot of time! You are “attached” to the washer and dryer all day. On average, your first load will take about an hour from start to finish. Each additional load usually means another 45 minutes of sorting, folding, or just waiting for the buzz of the dryer. Four loads of clothes means Three hours of your day – Gone! Why not spend time doing what you want to do? Extra study time, exercise, or hang with your friends. Campus Suds means more time and more of a college life for you!

2. Where do you wash my clothes?
Campus Suds uses modern, state of the art, Washers and Dryers in our private laundry processing facilities.

3. Who washes my clothes?
Campus Suds staff are hired and trained specifically to wash your clothes. Each person receives proper training to ensure your clothes are sorted, washed, and folded exactly the way that you would wash them yourselves.

4. What products do you use to wash my clothes?
Campus Suds uses only the best laundry products: (i.e. Tide, Downy, Clorox, All, etc.) We will bleach your whites upon request.

5. Does Campus Suds provide ironing services?
Only dry cleaning garments are ironed or pressed. However, we work hard to ensure your everyday garments do not wrinkle by using fabric softener and folding items immediately after the drying cycle is complete. Some natural wrinkling may occur depending on the type of garment, the humidity, and outside temperature.

6. How are my clothes handled?
Your clothes are always handled separately from other customer’s. Clothes are sorted by both color and fabric then washed in separate washing machines. Drying times are closely watched to ensure that clothes are removed and folded to minimize wrinkling.

7. When can I get my laundry back?
We deliver your Washed & Folded clothes on Wednesday afternoons! Of course, we will work with you to arrange a delivery time that is convenient.

8. What if I’m not happy with the Campus Suds service?
We guarantee that you will be happy with the way we wash and dry clean your clothes. If you are not happy with the results, we will re-wash (or dry clean) your clothes free or refund your money. If you have a concern, please call our Customer Service Center at (954) 941-6250 or E-mail Us. ([email protected])

9. What happens if you lose some of my clothes?
Campus Suds has developed computerized systems to track your laundry from pick up all the way through delivery back to you. We do not mix your clothes with other customer’s Clothes to minimize the risk of these mix-ups. We also utilize video surveillance technology to prevent theft or loss. We are responsible for the garments that you give us in accordance with our damage or loss policy. We as a professional organization, have liability insurance that protects our client’s property in all areas; theft, flood, fire, and other losses.

10. Does Campus Suds provide dry cleaning?

11. If you Refer-a-Friend…
If you refer a friend to Campus Suds, you will receive 10% off any laundry plan that you select.

12. Do people really ask this many questions…
Yes. By nature, people are very inquisitive!

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